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Joe Cosentino


Joe joined Kimmel & Associates in 2023 as a Recruiter in Division 13.

Joe earned a BSBA in Innovation, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University while operating his own small landscaping venture. He has also served as a care provider with a senior living center specializing in memory care, and his communication and support skills have served him well in his role with Kimmel & Associates.

Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, grinding through workouts in the gym, hiking, and camping.

We sat down with Joe and asked him the following:

  • What do you like most about working at Kimmel & Associates?
    I enjoy the culture of service and independence, the genuine nature of those who established and operate Kimmel, and the willingness of our people to help others both on the job and in the community around us.
  • What is one thing you learned early in your career that has made you successful?
    I learned that operating from a place of honesty and a willingness to learn is the only way to truly succeed in life. When I interact with others, being upfront about my strengths and weaknesses has allowed me to learn and grow substantially and has ensured that anyone I’m providing a service to knows that I will never claim to be or act capable of something I’m not.
  • What is your greatest strength in your role?
    My willingness to ask questions, listen, and learn.
  • Do you have a favorite quote?
    “The only easy day was yesterday.”
  • What causes are you passionate about?
    Active Duty & Veteran Support, Alzheimer’s Patient & Family Support/Care, Local Business & Entrepreneurship

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