Rich Laibson

In 2003, Rich joined Kimmel & Associates as an Associate in the Mechanical & General Construction Divisions in the Midwest. In 2012, he was named a Market Leader. Most recently, Rich was promoted to Vice President in 2016; he was also awarded the 2016 Consultant of the Year award.

Having proven to be a great asset to Kimmel & Associates, Rich has consistently received top sales awards.

Rich earned a BS in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University, and he was a Florida CPA before becoming an entrepreneur. He spent the next 30 years in the restaurant industry, independently operating in five states with 16 locations and overseeing 60 managers and 1,200 employees. His company was featured in People Magazine and in Tom Peters’ newsletter, “Management and Real Time Delivery.”

Rich’s vast experience with people and business management has proven beneficial in his career with Kimmel & Associates; he understands and has experienced first-hand the problems and challenges of running a business, especially with regard to attracting, training, and retaining good employees.

Clients and candidates enjoy working with Rich because, while he takes assignments very seriously, there is always a dash of fun and humor mixed in.

First and foremost, Rich is a family man. He and his wife, Barbara, have two grown children who are also happily married. In his spare time, Rich enjoys playing the guitar, woodworking, cooking, and spending time with his beautiful grandchildren.

I enjoy knowing that, at the end of the day, I am helping to better the lives of all the people with whom I come in contact.

Rich Laibson