What originally began in 1981 as a two-man operation in Louisiana has since grown to become the largest specialty executive search firm in the country. Joe Kimmel and Rick Hornberger founded what later came to be called Kimmel & Associates on three core values: trust, integrity, and service. Our current CEO, Charlie Kimmel, continues the tradition.

Thirty plus years and counting, we have built a tremendous footprint in multiple industries across the globe. With expertise spreading from construction and logistics, to waste and beyond, our passion for recruiting continues to make us active leaders in the recruiting world.

For more than 38 years, we have worked to
achieve perfection in our executive searches.


A New Beginning

Joe Kimmel and Rick Hornberger create Gulf Search Limited, Incorporated in New Orleans, Louisiana. Together, they form the foundation of what would become one of the most respected executive search firms in the nation.


Carolina Bound

The company moves to a farm in Fairview, North Carolina and changes their name to Kimmel & Fredericks International. The company continues to grow as western North Carolina becomes their new home.


Hitting the Mark

Success continues due to their dedication to service. The company reaches a new milestone of $1,000,000 in revenue.


Starting Again

After a fire at the farm offices, Kimmel & Fredericks Int. purchases a historic building in downtown Asheville. The company begins the process of adapting it to modern use while honoring its celebrated past.



The company opens a Solid Waste Division. Having established success in the area of general construction, the company begins specialty recruitment for a whole new industry.


Our Founder

Joe Kimmel takes control of the company and begins doing business as Kimmel & Associates. He continues the tradition of service, trust and integrity.


Continued Growth

The company embarks on a growth campaign. The team continues to build trusted relationships while seeking out specialty niches that could benefit from Kimmel's recruiting expertise.


Expanding Again

Kimmel expands into related areas by starting the Heavy Civil, Supply Chain, and Logistics Divisions. It continues to build a network of talented professionals.


Expanding More

Kimmel proudly expands into the mechanical-electrical sector and begins to build trusted relationships with companies in this industry.


50 Professionals and Growing

Due to our outstanding success, Kimmel expands to include 50 recruiting professionals and support staff.


Training Consultants

Kimmel strives to serve as a trusted career advisor to each candidate. They develop the Career-Directed Approach™ for executive recruiting. We train each recruiter to embody this new approach.


More Learning

Charlie Kimmel is named COO. The Class Certification Program is launched for all consultants, ensuring each has a base level of knowledge and experience prior to serving our clients. This program sets Kimmel apart from other recruiting firms.


Purchasing Growth

The company purchases ConstructionJobs.com. Kimmel recognizes the value of offering multiple services at different levels to provide a more encompassing service model.


Giving Back

The Kimmel family members are Bulldog supporters. The company contributes to the University of North Carolina-Asheville to build the Kimmel Arena and also establish a scholarship in Joe Kimmel's name.


Looking to the Future

The company donates to Western Carolina University to build the Kimmel School of Engineering & Construction. Kimmel recognizes that American's future depends on continued growth and well-educated construction professionals.


Milestone of 100 Employees

An ever-increasing number of new client companies means that Kimmel needs to add more recruiting professionals. The company reaches the 100-employee mark.


Passing the Torch

Charlie Kimmel is named President. He continues the company tradition of honesty, service, and integrity. Kimmel & Associates is fortunate to have Charlie at the helm, looking toward the future.


Standing Firm

The company institutes operational changes dictated by the Great Recession. While these were trying times that affected many companies, Kimmel keeps the doors open and continues to provide world-class service during this time.


Professional Growth

The company begins a Leadership and Professional Awareness Program to ensure that each employee has the opportunity to grow professionally. Kimmel continues to encourage its recruiters to gain more training and experience.


Sharing of Ideas

The One Project is launched. Employees are invited to collaborate on various company issues affecting the future of the company. Kimmel recognizes the value of exchanging ideas with their staff of quality professionals.


Another Division

Kimmel continues their pursuit of becoming the best executive search firm in the world. They start up the Equipment Division.


Community Service

The Goodwill Program is launched. It encourages employees to volunteer in the community. Dedicated to community service and wanting to give back to the community, Kimmel achieves 100% participation.


Another Milestone

The company reaches 15,000 placements. Kimmel attributes its continued success to its highly trained staff of dedicated professional consultants and recruiters.


A New Look

Kimmel updates its brand, logo, and website. Kimmel continues to be true to its mantra of service, trust and integrity. This is sure to be a great year for Kimmel & Associates.


Expanding Again

Kimmel opens up the Automotive Industry market and helps dealerships recruit and source extraordinary executive talent.


Another Milestone

Over 17,000 placements nationwide. Kimmel attributes its continued success to its highly trained staff of dedicated professional consultants and recruiters.

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