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The highly competitive technology industry is in a state of constant change and development. The recruitment expertise at Kimmel & Associates has a long record of overcoming such obstacles.

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People are your greatest expense and your most valuable asset. The cost of a bad hire is infinitely more than the time and expense of finding the right fit. Kimmel brings only the best!

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Recruiting for the technology industry has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. The fluidity of the market, combined with the rapid change in the technology used, has made it difficult for both employers looking to hire credentialed talent and job seekers looking to find fulfilling careers.

At Kimmel & Associates, we understand these hardships and are renowned for our ability to overcome them. With an extensive background in finding promising candidates who possess top-tier skill sets, our ability to fill job openings at any level is unmatched.

Our Technology Division is focused on not just finding candidates for and filling executive positions, but any skilled authority in the technology industry whom we find to be the foremost in their respective field. Our ability to source, attract, and place premium talent into a position for which they are fit for and enjoy is what has established us as one of the top recruiting firms in the world.


Our proven Career Directed Approach™ to recruiting matches talent with the right career opportunities by gaining a deep understanding of each candidate’s professional goals. Using the Career Directed Approach™ to recruiting gives our consultants a unique perspective into the technology market, allowing us to identify candidates who will succeed at your company.


Our commitment to service is what sets Kimmel & Associates apart. Our team does the work to understand your market and respond promptly to your needs. We tailor our searches to address your specific requirements for each position. We understand the importance of finding the right candidate who will also fit your company’s culture. There is nothing costlier to a business than a bad hire. We respect your time by introducing you to only properly vetted candidates who have demonstrated a high level of achievement and ambition.

There is no template for the ideal candidate. We understand that each tech company is different and requires a unique skill set. Our vast experience in executive search, combined with our Career Directed Approach™ , will ensure that our associates will be able to meet your technology needs.

Our company principles and dedication to serving our clients have received national recognition. Forbes named Kimmel & Associates as one of the top ten Executive Search firms in the U.S. as part of their 2016 survey of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms.

Proven Results Across Industries

We have built our expertise in recruiting and sourcing professional executives in the construction industry. We have since grown to become the premier name in construction, waste and recycling, and supply chain executive search. In the time since we were founded in 1981, Kimmel & Associates has become one of the largest specialty executive search firms in North America. We aim to apply the methods we honed in the construction industry to the rapidly growing tech industry.

Kimmel & Associates strives daily to maintain our reputation for excellence. We will waste neither your time nor your money. Our clients consider our fees to be an investment, not an expense.

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