Weeks To
A Better Approach

As part of the executive search process, there's more to finding top talent than just looking at technical qualifications. We use a Career-Directed Approach™ to build trusted relationships with our candidates and client companies.



Research Position

Our executive recruiting process begins with you. Our specialized staff understands your industry and speaks your language! When you share the job details and requirements, as well as your company values and culture, we'll find you a perfect match.


Find Talent

We have more than a million candidates in our private database. We use our network of industry connections to find passive candidates who are currently employed, but would consider your position if they knew about it.


Do Some Digging

We take the time to fully vet each candidate. We check unnamed references—coworkers and others—to find out how a candidate works under pressure.


Refer the Best

Our experienced executive recruiters only send you a few top candidates, those who best match your job requirements and company culture. You can trust us to save you time by only referring the best of the best.


Close Position

Kimmel is available to you throughout the entire recruiting process, including the final steps. Because of our unique relationship with our candidates, we can offer insights to help you close the deal.

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