The Career-Directed Approach™ to recruiting was developed by Kimmel & Associates. It is intended to gain the trust of candidates through a deep understanding of their professional goals and personal desires. By using this approach, consultants are well equipped to match a candidate’s career goals with a potential career opportunity.

Fundamentals of the Career-Directed Approach™ to Recruiting

  • We build trust by educating candidates on how working with Kimmel & Associates will help them reach their career goals.
  • We know our clients well enough to match open positions in their companies with candidates who are looking for their next career steps.

Establishing Trust

  • The recruiting process begins with comprehensive discussions about a candidate’s background, accomplishments, and career goals.
  • We fully vet a candidate’s professional history.
  • Establishing trust with a candidate allows for a thorough understanding of personality, style, work ethic, life priorities, professional goals, and personal preferences.
  • We uncover opportunities that are best for a particular candidate’s career.
  • Most candidates feel that moving to a new company should result in a promotion. However, strong companies often want to hire people who are equal in experience and skill to the position they need to fill. We help candidates understand that a lateral move to an established company could be the best long-term career move.

Matching Candidates’ Career Goals with Clients’ Career Paths

  • We learn about candidates and develop in-depth profiles.
  • By using the Career-Directed Approach™, Kimmel & Associates can more accurately assess which candidates will be best for particular clients.
  • Typically, we are in contact with candidates for a long time – sometimes decades – in order to understand which individuals will fit our clients’ needs.

The Career-Directed Approach™ to recruiting assures both candidates and clients that Kimmel & Associates can be trusted to match the best professionals with the appropriate company and career opportunity. This provides our clients with motivated and exceptionally skilled candidates who want to make a long-term investment with a company. This type of hire is by far the most rewarding, profitable, and long-lasting.

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