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Kimmel & Associates is the largest specialty executive search firm in North America. In business for more than 34 years, we have built relationships with hundreds of client companies. We are proud to have assisted tens of thousands of professionals with growing their careers. What's our secret? Relationships.

Kimmel is more than just an executive recruiting agency. We are trusted partners who work with you to locate outstanding candidates for positions such as supply chain executives, senior construction project managers, or recycling professionals, for example. Clients around the world rely on us. We only provide the best of the best.

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Charlie Kimmel

My favorite part about recruiting is seeing people grow and excel professionally. We've got 100 people here who
feel the exact same way.

Charlie Kimmel · President & CEO

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Kimmel did a great job identifying our company's culture and have been very successful in bringing us prospects with these same values.

West Coast Construction Company

Kimmel is the one search firm I depend on. It is due to the trust and understanding developed and in the quality of support we receive.

Global Infrastructure Company

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The Kimmel Career Corner

6 Reasons You Should Talk to a Recruiter
6 Reasons You Should Talk to a Recruiter

By Todd Chandler
on Oct 2, 2015 in Career Advice

You’re busy. You’re in the middle of reviewing cost analysis reports on a new project and you get a call from a recruiter. Do you have...

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What to Look for During the Interview Process
What to Look for During the Interview Process

By Charlie Kimmel
on Sep 28, 2015 in Hiring

Not all candidates are as truthful as they appear during the interview process. These red flags signal your candidate is NO angel!

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A Manager’s Guide to Annual Salary Reviews
A Manager’s Guide to Annual Salary Reviews

By Kimmel & Associates
on Sep 24, 2015 in Management

Salary reviews don’t have to be sad affairs. Take the time to turn it into a learning opportunity, setting higher expectations for next...

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