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Kimmel & Associates is the largest specialty recruiter in North America. In business for over 34 years, Kimmel has built relationships with hundreds of client companies. Employers working around the world rely on Kimmel to provide them with the best of the best. We are more than just an executive search firm; we are trusted partners who work with companies to locate outstanding candidates for top positions.

Kimmel & Associates is proud to have had the privilege of assisting tens of thousands of professionals grow their careers. What's our secret? Relationships.

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Charlie Kimmel

We recruit. It's what we do best. We focus and are committed to exceeding all client expectations.

Charlie Kimmel · President & CEO

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Kimmel did a great job identifying our company's culture and have been very successful in bringing us prospects with these same values.

West Coast Construction Company

Kimmel is the one search firm I depend on. It is due to the trust and understanding developed and in the quality of support we receive.

Global Infrastructure Company

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Losing A Job
Losing A Job

By Meredith Love
on Feb 26, 2015 in Career Advice

Losing a job is always painful. Yet, it happens to the best of us. Learn what to know to prepare for unexpected job loss.

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Common Reasons People Leave A Company
Common Reasons People Leave A Company

By Kimmel & Associates
on Feb 25, 2015 in Podcasts

What are common reasons people leave a company? Charlie Kimmel explains the top four. You'll be surprised!

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What To Do About Employee Burnout
What To Do About Employee Burnout

By Debbie Eckart
on Feb 24, 2015 in Retention

Employee burnout results in turnover and affects your bottom line. Can you recognize the signs of burnout and do you know what to do about it?

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