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Gifts collected for Eblen Saint Nicholas Project and Kimmel volunteers.

Founded on the Principle of Serving

Kimmel & Associates was founded on the core value of serving. We truly believe that assisting people and companies in their growth is our calling. Kimmel employees follow this calling in the community as well, through the Kimmel Goodwill Program, our in-house volunteer network. We are certain that giving back and supporting those in need is how we can serve best.

Making a Difference

We started the Kimmel Goodwill Program in 2009 as a way for our employees to make a difference in our local community. Throughout the year, Kimmel & Associates participates in numerous charitable events, including 5K races, coat drives, food drives, toy drives, and fundraising luncheons. These events support organizations such as Eblen Charities, MANNA FoodBank, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina, Meals on Wheels, and more.

Our company goal is to achieve 100% participation in the Kimmel Goodwill Program annually, and year after year, our employees rise to the challenge and meet that goal.

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Kimmel volunteers for Eblen Saint Nicholas Project.

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