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Bill Wolfe

Executive Vice President

Bill began working at Kimmel & Associates in 2007, and he concentrates his service on heavy equipment and heavy civil clients and professionals. He also serves on Kimmel & Associates’ Board of Advisors.

Prior to his career with Kimmel & Associates, he graduated from Western Carolina University with a BS in Communications and Marketing. He then spent two decades in the specialized textile manufacturing industry. He served on the Board of Directors and held equity positions on three different management teams, before selling to a Fortune 100 company. As a Six Sigma Certified Vice President, General Manager, and Vice President of Sales/Marketing, Bill led companies and teams in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, and semi-conductor industries.

An interesting fact about Bill is that after just eight days of courtship, he asked his girlfriend, Donna, for her hand in marriage. The happy couple has two children - son Nicholas and daughter Logan. In his spare time, Bill has many hobbies. He is a talented golfer and drummer who also enjoys boating with family and friends.

We sat down with Bill and asked him the following:

  • Why do you work at Kimmel & Associates?
    Kimmel & Associates provides a unique platform to partner with clients and assist candidates in professional growth. First, we have an opportunity to help clients meet or exceed business expectations by providing talented professional candidates whom they would not have a chance to meet otherwise. Secondly, we assist in the professional growth and development of candidates that leads to positive life changes. The reward is total fulfillment for all!
  • What is one thing you learned early in your career that has made you successful?
    Strong work ethic.
  • What is your greatest strength in your role?
  • What makes you different from other recruiters in your industry?
    Industry knowledge beyond recruiting.
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