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Jim Coddington

Executive Vice President

Jim began his career at Kimmel & Associates in 1997, focusing on general construction in the Northeast. Since then, he has created a vast network of contacts and repeat clients throughout that market. His expertise in the construction industry expanded in 2024 to include both general construction and the mechanical sector.

Jim established and now manages his own division of Associates and recruiting professionals, specializing in the general construction, mechanical contracting, and Division 13 — Special Construction sectors. This division focuses on all aspects of commercial, corporate, industrial, institutional, and multi-family residential construction, real estate development, and property management, as well as companies that support, supply, and enable all aspects of commercial and industrial construction across the country.

Jim holds a BS in Computer Science from Western Carolina University and is a long-time family man. He has been married to his wife, Leigh Ann, for 30 years, and he has four children (three sons, Taylor, Zach, and Andrew, and a daughter, Alleigh), as well as four grandchildren.

Throughout his career with Kimmel & Associates, he has played an integral role in the success of the firm. He has consistently finished each year as a top-ranking performer.

We sat down with Jim and asked him the following:

  • What do you like most about working at Kimmel & Associates?
    Of course, the wonderful people who make up our organization. More importantly, the constant striving to be on the cutting edge of every recruiting and communication tool available, and our dedication to developing our brand of Career-Directed Recruiting™.
  • What is one thing you learned early in your career that has made you successful?
    How to identify and communicate the application of the true principles of construction career dynamics to the strongest candidates. When a client opportunity matches the professional goals of a candidate, a long-term, quality career move is much more likely to result. This is key to the long-term success and consistency of myself and my team.
  • Share a successful placement story.
    Thankfully, we have dozens of examples of current hiring authorities who were once candidates I was able to help. These success stories are emblematic of the Career-Directed Approach™ and are helpful in aiding current candidates to have confidence in us.
  • What causes are you passionate about?
    I have been able to apply my musical and athletic interests and abilities by traveling the world as a leader for over 30 years with a sports ministry. We have gained wonderful perspectives and memories by visiting economically challenged areas, as well as engaging in fantastic competition in basketball in places like Romania, South Africa, the Philippines, and Central America.
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