Mark Jones

Mark Jones joined Kimmel & Associates in 2000, having spent the first 20 years of his post-collegiate career in the commercial insurance industry. There, he performed auditing, underwriting, sales management, and eventually worked on the brokerage side where the vast majority of his clients were contractors and sub-contractors.

Mark quickly became a driving force in the development of the Electrical & Mechanical Division of Kimmel & Associates. With Mark’s guidance, this division has grown to include 10 consultants, recruiters, and researchers dedicated to those trades.

During his more than 10 years with Kimmel & Associates, Mark has earned every company award offered: Rookie of the Year; Consultant of the Year; Group Leader of the Year; and Employee of the Year, as well as the Silver and Gold Awards. He has also finished each year as one of the leaders in sales for the company.

In 2003, he was promoted to vice president. He was then chosen for the Kimmel & Associates’ Board of Advisors in 2005, and later named national sales manager in 2009. In 2010, Mark was promoted to executive vice president.

Mark’s success has been a result of hard work, dedication, and loyalty to his clients, as well as his desire to be a true team player. He takes the responsibility of his profession very seriously. He knows that his actions have a direct impact on the growth and profitability of clients, as well as the careers and lives of candidates and their families. Every assignment is fully considered and designed to work long-term for all parties involved.

Mark Jones