Michael Murphy

Vice President

Michael joined Kimmel & Associates in 2005, as an Associate in the Structural Steel Division. In 2008, he became an Associate for the Heavy Civil Division.

He earned a BA from Alfred University with a concentration in Photography. His first career was in commercial photography and digital graphics. He worked his way up to Operations Manager at one of Atlanta’s largest graphics houses, eventually moving into technical sales. Later in his career, Michael ran a convention and event management firm.

At Kimmel & Associates, Michael is known for being easy to work with, and clients and candidates trust him and depend on him to meet their individual needs. “I trust and am trusted because honesty and truth guide me,” he says.

His dedication was recognized in 2012, as he was named a Market Leader for the Heavy Civil Division. In 2014, Michael earned the Kimmel & Associates Employee of the Year Award in recognition of his outstanding work. Most recently, he was promoted to Vice President in 2016.

Michael is an empathetic listener whose approach to business is to always do the right thing. His clients realize his trustworthiness and often call solely on him to fulfill their staffing requests.

He is the youngest of six children born to Irish immigrant parents, and he has grown to enjoy many hobbies. He is a dedicated family man to his wife of more than 20 years and their daughter. The couple can be found tending their garden or working on their 100-year-old home. When not at work, Michael is in his shop working on bikes, or taking them up the mountain for a good ride. Brewing and enjoying a good beer are also some of his favorite activities, as well as his latest venture…to make the perfect meatball!

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