3 Signs It Could Be Time to Make a Career Change

Dec 7, 2021

Although it can be stressful, change is not always a bad thing. Employees don’t have to wait for something to go wrong in their current jobs to consider moving forward in their careers. Instead, both companies and employees can use change as a catalyst for growth. Here are three signs that it could be time to make a career change that could benefit everyone.

It Feels Like Things Have Gotten Stale

Consider Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. He had an excellent run as their head coach, making nine playoff runs, reaching multiple NFC championship games, and playing in one Super Bowl. Then, things got a little bit stale and the team struggled, so they all made a change. Reid went to Kansas City, where he revitalized their franchise and won a Super Bowl in 2020. For their part, the Eagles also benefited from new leadership, winning their own Super Bowl in 2018.

Sometimes, the chemistry between an employee and company simply runs its course, and both sides could use a fresh start. When everyone is on the same page about the positive opportunity for change, both parties can move forward with respect and gratitude for the successes of the partnership, even as it comes to an end.

There’s No Room For Growth

Employees need to grow in their careers, whether that means earning promotions or building their skill sets through challenging projects. But not every workplace provides that growth potential. For example, the next step up in the hierarchy for an employee might be unattainable because it’s filled by someone with no intention of retiring in the near future. In other cases, companies are committed to specific types of projects and business operations, which no longer feel challenging or exciting to an employee.

In those instances, the best choice could be for the employee to seek a role that will provide them with the room they need to grow their careers. The company can also make the most of a change-up, by hiring someone who will see that role and those projects as exciting and challenging, bringing new perspectives and ideas to the company. For both the employee and the company, a career change is the best-case scenario here - even if that can feel stressful in the moment.

Life Circumstances Have Changed

The definition of the “perfect job” can change for employees over time. A recent college graduate who loves to travel might be thrilled to work overtime in a role that keeps them on the road several days a week. But ten years later, that same employee might be starting a family and need a job that lets them be home on evenings and weekends. There are many ways in which employees’ lives and needs change over time, and when that happens, their current jobs may no longer be a great fit. And that’s okay - it just means it might be time for a career change.

When an employee needs a change in their career, it also opens up an opportunity for their employer to take a look at what changes might benefit their team and bring someone on board who will both thrive and add a new kind of value to the company. Having someone in a role who is engaged, focused, and fulfilled is critical for both a company’s bottom line and team morale. When a role stops serving an employee, it’s in everyone’s best interest for that employee to find a new role where they can thrive.

It’s common for employees to think that they don’t need to make a career change because “everything is fine.” But both employees and companies should consider what’s best for the employee at that stage in their career - not just what’s “fine.” A career change can be a positive step forward. When all parties embrace change, everyone can benefit.

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