Relocating? Here are 4 Reasons to talk to a Recruiter

Oct 9, 2020

Across the country, thousands of workers face relocation every year. Whether someone is moving closer to family, seeking a better climate, or simply pursuing a lifelong dream of living in a specific city, the promise of a new home also comes with a big challenge: the daunting prospect of finding a new job in an unfamiliar market. Relocation is one of the top motivators for changing jobs, and both relocation and changing jobs rank near the top of the list of life’s most stressful events.

But fortunately, there’s a way to make both relocation and changing jobs a simpler and more positive experience: reach out to a recruiter. While finding the right recruiter can require some due diligence, connecting with a reputable professional with strong local market knowledge is well worth the effort. Here are four ways that a great recruiter can help during a relocation:

Get Connected With a Local Network

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Sometimes a candidate is relocating to an entirely new market where they have no established connections. Other times, they’re moving to a place where they have family, where they grew up, or where they may know a handful of friends or business associates. Whether or not the candidate is familiar with their new market, speaking to a recruiter who has an established professional network in that market can be beneficial. Even someone who has their own connections can only benefit from a professional’s expertise and broad network of contacts. Recruiters know the best companies in the area, and they can help connect top-tier candidates with industry leaders. And even better -- they won’t just introduce a candidate to potential new employers, they will actively work to find the perfect long-term fit and vouch for the candidate’s motivations, making it easier to make a strong first impression.

Don’t Get Lost in the Online Resume Vortex

As any job-seeker knows, submitting resumes and applications through websites and job boards can feel like a lost cause. In too many cases, resumes simply get lost in the shuffle and never even make their way to a human -- and when they do, there’s no guarantee that an applicant will even get a response, let alone land an interview. Recruiters have personal connections with hiring managers, so candidates know that their information is getting directly into the hands of the decision-makers at an organization. This saves candidates time and frustration, and helps ensure that even if they don’t land an interview or a job offer, they will at least get feedback and prompt responses to their submissions.

Find More (and Better) Opportunities

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Even if a candidate submits applications on their own to every relevant job posting in their new market, the truth is, they are missing out on a huge number of opportunities. The majority of jobs that get filled within organizations never get posted online; they are filled when a need arises and recruiters or internal stakeholders know someone who can meet that need. So candidates working independently will not even be aware of opportunities within the market that could help them take the next step in their careers. A recruiter can help job-seekers access every opportunity in the market, including those that are posted online AND those that are filled before they ever get posted.

Don't Spend a Dime

Here’s the best news: with most recruiters, there is no charge to the candidates who use their service. This means that job-seekers get all the benefits of a professional recruiter’s network and expertise, plus resume feedback, interview preparation, and market data -- and it doesn’t cost them a thing. So there’s no risk to connecting with a recruiter in a new market and exploring how they might be able to help during a relocation.

Not all recruiters are alike, and candidates should do their research to make sure they’re working with a reputable firm that will treat their information with utmost confidentiality and professionalism. But the truth is, there are dozens of upsides to working with a professional recruiter during the process of relocating -- and no downsides. So when a relocation is on the table, reach out to a recruiter and see how they can help!

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