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Jan 15, 2016

Resume Writing 101: Madonna Style

Is it time to write a resume or update your old one? Have you turned the dang thing in to a number of different jobs with no bite from the other end? Have you copied and pasted all your personal information into some online template but are pretty convinced its no Masterpiece? Then read on, this article is meant for you. As boring as resume writing may seem, adding a little pizzazz to the process, along with your info, is not impossible.

For resume writing tips, we’ve turned to Madonna (the queen of pizzazz) and her treasure chest of advice buried deep in her many lyrics and song titles. Why Madonna, you ask? If you asked her, she’d probably say because “I Have the Key,” and “B****, I’m Madonna.” But, why not? We could all benefit from her confidence, especially when resume writing! Who knows though – she just may be your Lucky Star.

Express Yourself

“Don’t go for second best, baby.”

When it comes to resume writing, self-expression is key. You need to present your personality and charisma on a piece of paper. Consider the language you are using, the person you are trying to present and the overall tone you are displaying. Make sure you express yourself. Remember, Everybody is a Star, especially you! As an extra tip, this also applies when interviewing. If you aren’t a power suit kind of a person, but more the skinny tie or leopard print type – dress accordingly. Be yourself in the resume process and you’ll be much happier with the job you eventually get.

4 Minutes

“I only got 4 minutes to save the world.”

If 4 minutes is all it takes to save the world, you’ll have even less time to grab an employer’s attention with your resume, so write a good one! The average resume is looked at for 1-2 minutes – some say for as little as 6 seconds – for a preliminary decision on whether to invite to an interview or not. Your resume must be brief, because anything longer will just be thrown in the discard pile. Consider it your Impressive Instant. One to two pages is appropriate in length, and it should go without saying that the laminated or three-ring-binder approach is not going to get you anywhere.

Beautiful Scars

“Just take me with all my stupid flaws.”

You may have stupid flaws and beautiful scars, but your resume should not. The first step in how to write a good resume is attention to detail. Nothing will get your resume thrown in the discard pile faster than grammatical and formatting errors. So make sure you proofread several times and have someone else do so too. If you are submitting electronically, print it off beforehand to make sure that they will be getting the resume just as you want it presented. It may not be an X-static Process, but it is definitely worth the time and attention.

Your Honesty

“You know the truth will set you free, so free.”

Employers want honesty and humility in a good resume. You may not have all the experience and education they’ve asked for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good candidate. While you definitely want to highlight your strengths, hiding your weaknesses is not advisable when writing a resume. The truth will come out eventually. Gaps in employment or short stints at jobs are not always a bad thing. If presented correctly, you’ll pique the employer’s interest and have time to discuss them in an Interview. Think of it as something closer to your professional life as an open book instead of Confessions, and you’ll be fine.

Causing a Commotion

“It’s how you play the game, so get into the groove.”

People may disagree when it comes to style when writing a resume, but you need to grab the employer’s attention right from the very beginning and a good way to do this is with an expertly written objective statement. The objective should change depending on what job you are applying for. Make sure you draw attention to yourself by tailoring the statement to the job, your skills and your personality. Objectives aren’t super fun to write, but Promise to Try? Just remember that objective statements are about why they want you, not the other way around.

Take a Bow

“You deserve an award for the role that you played.”

It may not be Human Nature; it may be more like Dress You Up. If you were in a leadership position, given an award or put in charge of an important project, put that on your resume! Don’t be shy about putting promotions or how quickly you advanced in your previous job – that’s how to write a good resume. This is also a good time to mention that employers are interested in your personal interests too – brag about them! A resume is your time to shine. Don’t be shy, What Can You Lose?

Like A Virgin

“Make me strong, yeah you make me bold.”

Whether this is your first time resume writing, or your hundredth time, don’t approach it like a virgin. You don’t simply send it to the email address listed, but research and find a couple of other pertinent people in the company and send it to them as well. Be bold, call and ask if you could set up a time to come in and interview. Send thank you notes after phone calls or interviews given. These are all expert tips from people who were daring enough to do more than just send the resume. At least employers will have a face or voice with a name on resume, which can go a long way! Getting a job is not an Easy Ride. Be willing to put in the effort to get the desired outcome. Knowing how to write a good resume is a process that doesn’t stop once you’ve submitted it.

Beat Goes On

“If you wait too long, you’ll be too late.”

Overall, the resume writing experience doesn’t have to be a boring one. In fact, it will show on your resume if it is! Take advice from Madonna and make your resume a Ray of Light. Papa Don’t Preach, but take the opportunity to show employers who you really are and why you are perfect for the job. The distance between you and employment is the quality of your resume. So what are you waiting for? Sit down and start writing a good resume today.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the first job for which you apply, keep trying and keep applying. Your resume will eventually shine above the rest and get you the job you’ve been waiting for. Good luck!

If you want to stall some before you get started, feel free to count how many Madonna song titles we used in the article… and then sit down to write your resume! (We count 24.)

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