Amazing Boss Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Oct 16, 2015

Boss Appreciation Day is today, October 16, and while there are definitely a lot of awful bosses out there, there are also undoubtedly some pretty good ones that deserve a day of glory, laud and honor. We think with a little creativity and forethought, you could make this Boss Appreciation Day one that your boss will never forget, to say the least. Say no to the cheesy greeting card and yes to the road less traveled (aka gift less given). We’ve compiled a list for you. It’s called, “8 Super Awesome, Totally Funny, Kinda Outlandish Gifts to Say Thanks To The Boss In Your Life on Boss Appreciation Day!” The title alone should clue you in to how great this list is. Go ahead, add a little humor to your day. So without further adieu, THE LIST…

8 Super Awesome, Totally Funny, Kinda Outlandish Gifts to Say Thanks To The Boss In Your Life on Boss Appreciation Day!

  1. An Ice Sculpture Bust. Ok, so how cool would it be to see yourself on ice? Not like your dead body on ice (though, hey, think about THAT out of body experience!) but to see your boss’s face actually carved in ice and then presenting the frozen bust to your boss? What a great gift idea! Imagine everyone else’s delight when they open the freezer for a mid-afternoon snack and see the boss’s head staring back at them. You’re welcome, co-workers! Why not make it extra special by carving it yourself this Boss Appreciation Day? Sign up fast ‘cuz we’re sure everyone is jumping on this bandwagon.

  2. A Flask Tie.

  3. Work is hard. Everyone knows it. Sometimes just making it to 5:00pm and happy hour is too much for even the strongest employee to handle. Imagine being the boss and having the stress of the workday multiplied by however many employees are under his care. Give your boss something he can really appreciate this Boss Appreciation Day – a flask tie. Before he leaves the house in the morning, he simply fills up the flask, puts on the tie, and is literally inches away from taking the edge off whenever he pleases. Now that is a boss everyone will love. Check them out, you might even consider getting one for yourself! Being a twin with the boss – super cool!

  4. Edible Gold Spray Paint. Give your boss the Midas touch this Boss Appreciation Day and wrap up a can or two of this edible gold spray paint. Turkey sandwich for lunch? Make it sparkle by spraying it down with some edible gold paint. Bringing in bagels for the office to enjoy? Bedazzle those bagels with a quick run over with the spray can. Truth is, who doesn’t want everything they eat to be gold? With this gift, your boss will be grateful to discover all his alchemy roots and he’ll have you to thank for it.

  5. Bacon Air Freshener. Because bacon should always be the number one gift given, especially on Boss Appreciation Day. Have you ever heard Jim Gaffigan’s comedic routine about bacon? If your boss is anything like other bosses, he or she will love you filling their office with countless bacon air fresheners. Imagine their surprise, and total delight, when they open their office door to the overpowering whiff of bacon? A pay raise will most definitely be in your future. Wink, wink…

  6. The Zombie Survival Guide and Apocalypse Kit. If you really want your boss to know how much you appreciate him and want him to live a long and healthy life, there is no better way to do so on Boss Appreciation Day than by giving him hope and preparing him for the future. The Zombie Survival Guide and Apocalypse Kit are guaranteed to prepare anyone for the end. We see absolutely no problem with your boss keeping these stored in his desk for emergencies. You and your co-workers will be able work peacefully and worry-free knowing this kit is right at your boss’s fingertips.

  7. Waterproof Notepad. Your boss is always working hard, thinking of new ideas to keep the company current and help it grow. Show your boss that you respect the time put in on the company’s behalf and that you encourage it. No time is personal time and with a waterproof notepad, your boss will be able to spend time thinking about work even while in the shower. Your boss is sure to be grateful this Boss Appreciation Day that you have helped him to prioritize and make better use of the fifteen minutes spent in the shower. Hey, you could even give a gift basket with a notepad and a favorite shampoo. It isn’t creepy that you know what your boss’s favorite shampoo is, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with us.

  8. A 5-lb. Gummy Bear. For real, this is the gift that keeps on giving all year round. Chances are, your boss wont be able to finish this gummy bear in one year, letting you off the hook for next year’s Boss Appreciation Day. Five pounds of gummy goodness, in any flavor you’d like, and if you’re lucky, your boss might just pass it around for everyone to take a bite. A little nibble after lunch, and voila, energy renewed to get you through the rest of the workday! The entire office will be thanking you. Enjoy!

  9. “World’s Okayest Boss” Mug. Here’s the thing. Your boss has good days and your boss has bad days and they know it. Keep them humble by getting them a mug that says “World’s Okayest Boss.” On Boss Appreciation Day, your boss will appreciate that you aren’t trying to blow smoke or kiss up. It’s okay to recognize the fact that he is just doing the best he can. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it isn’t. It’s just okay. And that, my friend, is okay.

Cheesy or Fabulous?

If you were thinking of giving your boss a cheesy greeting card, reconsider! If the secretary keeps pestering you to contribute to the cheesy group gift, run the other direction, or suggest one of these fabulous finds. This Boss Appreciation Day is all about you and how great of a gift giver you are. Make this year’s celebration one that your boss is sure to remember. Choosing a gift from the list of “8 Super Awesome, Totally Funny, Kinda Outlandish Gifts to Say Thanks To The Boss In Your Life on Boss Appreciation Day,” is a guaranteed hit. Good luck and Happy Boss Appreciation Day!

QUESTION: What gifts have you given or received on Boss Appreciation Day? Yes, even the cheesy ones… Share below in the comments!

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