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Who is Kimmel?

Charlie Kimmel, CEO of Kimmel & Associates, gives a brief introduction to Kimmel and outlines what has made the company successful for over 34 years.

Video Transcript

Kimmel is a group of 100 people with over 700 years of experience in the executive recruiting business in the construction industry that spend their time, their day, their professional lives working towards one thing. And that one thing is serving the industry, serving the candidates, and serving our clients in the best way possible.

My favorite part of working at Kimmel is seeing things improve. Seeing things go forward. To see the people at our company, to see them grow. To see them excel, and to see them excel professionally.

When I was working a desk, the best part of the job was when we’d get a call from a company that we had worked for three months in. And of course the call comes in, and you get a little bit nervous because you’re not sure why they’re calling. And they call you and say, “I’ve just got to tell you. The person you placed with us is perfect. He’s a real difference maker.”

That is why you do the job. You get a letter from a candidate that says, “Thank you so much. My wife and daughter are so happy that we were able to relocate to Florida”. That’s why you do the business, and that’s why we do the business. And we’ve got 100 people who work here that feel the exact same way.

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Kimmel is an executive search firm located in Asheville, North Carolina. Our professional recruiters are committed to exceeding client expectations. They work with the same dedication, honesty, and attitude of service that has been the Kimmel standard for over 34 years.

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