7 Interviewing Tips For Next Time

May 19, 2015

Interviewing Tips For Next Time

Are you looking for that perfect job? If so, you may have been on some interviews that seemed to go well but didn’t result in a job offer. You replay the questions and answers in your mind and wonder what you could have said differently.

This happens to every candidate. As a recruiter, I have interviewed thousands of applicants. I’ve found a few interviewing tips that act like a magic wand. If you use them, they may just charm the interviewer into making you an offer.

Let’s jump back to basics and talk about 7 interviewing tips you should have used in your interview.

  1. I’m Flexible!
  2. These words are golden! Being flexible means you are willing to vary your days or hours if the company has a special need. It shows you are aware there are ebbs and flows in business and you are willing to make an effort to accommodate the company.

    Being flexible may also mean you are willing to cross-train and multi-task. If you are eager to learn new tasks and take on increased responsibility—say so! If you are energetic and like to keep busy, point that out as well. Right off the bat, you may feel the stress in the room reduce dramatically. Being flexible might be one of your most valuable interviewing tips.

  3. I read on your website…
  4. Companies take pride in what they do and in their products. Research the company before your interview. Learn about its history, culture, and current news. This shows you have initiative and are passionate about the position. Remember this! It’s a great interviewing tip.

    There is nothing more attractive in a candidate than someone who is interested enough to learn about the company before the interview. Be sure you show this by having some great questions prepared.

  5. The reason I want the position is…
  6. Why do you want this job? Believe me, the interviewer really does want to know. If the job is something you are truly passionate about, be sure you get that point across. If you don’t, the interviewer may think you are only after a paycheck. For most jobs, that’s a death toll. An important interviewing tip is to share your passion for the position and the company. What do you like about the way they do things? Tell them! You also want to speak up about what you bring to the company.

    What qualifications or qualities separate you from everyone else? Tell them! Everything is not on your resume, so volunteer things that truly set you apart from others. Be quietly confident with what you share about yourself. This means be bold, but also maintain your humility. No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

  7. I’m So Glad You Asked!
  8. An interview should be a conversation. The best managers and HR representatives turn each interview into a calm, warm conversation. When preparing for your interview, you will have a list of points you want to make—things that may not necessarily be on your resume. When an interviewer asks an open question that allows you an opportunity to talk about these points, it’s your time to shine!

    One interviewing tip to remember is to tell the interviewer you are happy he asked this question. It’s true. He’s giving you a chance to discuss the points you have rehearsed. It strokes the interviewer’s ego a bit. Don’t we all enjoy that? But, it also shows him that you are a skilled communicator and are aware of how to make others feel appreciated. That’s so important!

  9. I Do Have a Couple of Questions For You.
  10. This might be your most important interviewing tip. Questioning the interviewer may be the most important part of the whole process. Research the company and have questions prepared which indicate you have done this. It’s not beneficial to have 40 questions. But two or three well thought out questions are imperative.

    Ask one or two questions you formed from your research. If you uncovered a problem or “pain,” then ask a question about it. Then be sure to indicate how you would help solve this pain if you were hired. Try to make one question pertinent to the interview that day. A question like, “We discussed this policy, but I wanted to make sure that I fully understand XXX. Is this correct?” If you use this part of the interview strategically, it just might be enough to move you into top contender status.

  11. I’d really like to get an offer from you!
  12. This is an “ask for the job” statement. If you are really interested in the position, don’t leave without making this clear. There are many different ways to ask for the job. A quietly confident statement will suffice. Knowing you want an offer is flattering to the company and is a complement to your interviewer’s skill.

    There are times you may not want to use this phrase. If there was no compatibility between you and the position, don’t ask for the job. If anything the interviewer said raised a red flag or if you got a bad vibe about the company, you should take more time to consider the job. Just indicate you are grateful for the interviewer’s time, shake his hand, and leave. Sometimes there is no interviewing tip greater than to follow your gut.

  13. Thank You For Your Time Today!
  14. Here’s a last little interviewing tip. Remember it is an honor to interview. It means the company ranked you among the top candidates. That’s certainly something to be proud of! Be sure to thank the interviewer for the company’s consideration. You should know this already, so it only counts as half a point. You wouldn’t believe how many candidates forget to thank the interviewer.

    You should show gratitude, regardless of your feelings on the position at the end of the interview. No interview is a waste of time. Each one gives you an opportunity to hone your interview skills. You’ll do better in your next interview because you participated in this one. Be sure to express your gratitude for the company’s consideration.

    So, now you have your magic wand. These 7 interviewing tips work like a charm! You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Remember these tips and you are sure to put your best foot forward.

    Now get out there and find your dream job!

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