2019 Mechanical & Electrical Compensation Review

By Charlie Kimmel on September 26, 2019

At Kimmel & Associates, our consultants speak with tens of thousands of construction professionals across the country every year. As a result, we have a unique perspective on the construction industry, and we want to offer our expertise to serve the industry.

With that in mind, here is the 2019 Kimmel & Associates Mechanical/Electrical Construction Compensation Review. In this review, we reveal average compensation rates for a broad spectrum of positions within the mechanical and electrical construction sectors. Because these are average numbers, they are not specific. Rates vary widely depending on geographic location, industry, title, and company, so it is best to use this information as a starting point for continued research. For detailed information on more specific regions, positions, or companies, please contact us directly.

We appreciate to everyone who spoke with our consultants to help us put together this data, as well as those who have given us feedback on previous compensation reviews. This specific review is limited to the mechanical and electrical construction sectors; at a later date, we will release separate reviews for other construction specialties and other industries. We hope you benefit from the information provided here, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve the construction industry further.

2019 Mechanical & Electrical Intro
2019 Mechanical & Electrical Review

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