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May 6, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

3 Ways to Customize Job Offers & Why It Matters

Tailoring job offers to meet candidate needs can impact hiring success and promote long-term employee retention. Here are three ways to customize job offers and why it's crucial in a candidate-driven market.

May 1, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

3 Reasons Candidates Decline Job Offers & How to Prevent Them

Learn three reasons why candidates might decline job offers after multiple interviews, along with strategies for hiring managers to prevent these turndowns.

Apr 3, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Beyond Base Salary, Part 2: The Top 3 Workplace Benefits That Attract Top Talent

Explore the top 3 workplace benefits that attract top talent and significantly impact recruitment and retention strategies.

Mar 21, 2024 Russ Girgenti
& David Williams

How to Ease Candidates' Career Change Concerns

There's no way around it: changing jobs is a stressful process. Learn effective strategies to address candidates' common concerns during career changes.

Mar 14, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Want to Recruit the Right People? Build a Strong Employer Brand

In today's online landscape, candidates have endless opportunities to get to know your company. Learn how to recruit and retain top talent by building a strong employer brand that aligns with your company's values and goals.

Mar 6, 2024 Charlie Kimmel

A Letter to the Industry

In the fast-paced world of executive search, where talent meets opportunity, it's often quieter moments of reflection that reveal the true depth of achievements. Charlie Kimmel (CEO) shares some recent milestones and recognitions within our firm.

Feb 22, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Recruitment Realities: The Truth Behind 3 Common Recruiter Myths

Discover the truth behind three common recruiter misconceptions and learn why building a long-term relationship with a trusted recruiter is key to success.

Feb 8, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Beyond Base Salary, Part 1: 7 Workplace Benefits That Attract Top Talent

Base salary isn’t always the top priority for candidates, so hiring managers should consider other forms of compensation to attract top talent. Here are seven workplace benefits that have strong appeal for candidates in today’s market.

Feb 1, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Prioritize Your Career Wellness: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself at the Start of the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time to prioritize your career wellness. Here are ten questions to guide your career path toward success and fulfillment in your professional journey.

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