Construction Salary Infographic


This year we made an effort to continue to serve the construction industry by providing them with helpful data regarding construction salary. Through the thousands of conversations we have had with construction professionals during the year, we have collected, compiled, and organized this data into a Construction Salary Infographic.

Through these construction salary conversations, we have learned that compensation is fluid and very circumstantial. Even the best survey or overview can give only a part of the story. Every person, company, location, and industry is unique and adds complexity. A thorough understanding of these contributing factors is necessary to understand compensation and how it relates to your company.

We will continue to serve the construction industry by sharing the information we learn along the way. Each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will publish our compiled information. We look forward to improving the data as the years go by.

Construction Salary Infographic

Construction Salary Infographic 2015

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