Now is the Time to be Deliberate

Oct 11, 2016

Making Calculated Career Moves During a Time of Opportunity

We are in a hot cycle right now in the construction industry. The economy is growing and a steady stream of new projects are keeping construction professionals busy across the United States. Amid the chaos of a heavy growth cycle, it is easy to lose sight of one’s own long-term career goals. This is unfortunate because a growth period is the best possible time to take a step back and look at the current big picture, mapping out a career path that will take you to where you want to be. In our unique perspective, a hot cycle is the ideal time for employees to do the rigorous planning necessary to maximize their growth potential.

The Best Candidates Make a Plan

Make the most of this time of tremendous opportunity through deliberate career moves that are guided by a long-term strategy. We have seen that the best candidates are the ones who take a step out of the chaos of their day-to-day work to gain perspective before making any career decisions. Even if you have an offer to go one step above where you currently are, take the time to consider whether or not a position change is more likely to advance you toward your overall career goals.Construction Workers Planning

Construction professionals, you can greatly benefit from taking a good hard look at your résumé and skillset to assess your weaknesses. If your strengths lie only in one general area, you are not servicing your career. What gaps should you fill in now to better prepare yourself for a cold cycle in the future?

When making career decisions, seek out the best opportunities for growth in terms of skills and experience. How can you diversify your talents so that you are equipped to go a multitude of directions should shifting market forces create a need to do so? A hot growth cycle is the time to do that precisely because you have so many opportunities to stretch yourself and grow in new directions. Fill your briefcase now with as many skills as possible so that you can survive no matter the market temperature.

Construction Employers: Now is the Time to Develop Your Superstars

To anyone who owns or manages a construction company, be aware that your best people are most likely already making deliberate choices about their future career growth. When work is coming in steadily and your workers are always busy, it is easy to mistake preoccupation with satisfaction. In this hot candidate market, you can be certain thTraining Development Signat those people are getting calls from recruiters and considering their options.

For construction employers who want to retain the best employees, take the time to get your best people out of the confusion, help them take a measured look at where they are, and help them develop a long-range picture of the career path they are on as part of your company. Check in with your workers regularly and create three-, five-, and ten-year career plans with them. Find ways to develop your own team of superstars by giving them built-in opportunities for career growth. This strategy encourages your most valuable team members to grow their careers with you.

In a growth cycle such is this one, it is critical to be proactive and take steps to help your best workers see why they should stay and grow their careers with your company. If you do not offer them that, they are much more likely to seek opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

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