Trends In Freight Forwarding: 3PL and 4PL Are The

Nov 2, 2016

Technology Trends in Freight Forwarding

The freight forwarding industry is changing. We are keeping an eye on how trends in technology and in the global marketplace are shaping the evolution of the industry. We are seeing that, in today’s freight forwarding market, the ability to add value is paramount. To do that you must be able to sell a package solution that is more strategic. That means incorporating third party logistics (3PL) and fourth party logistics (4PL) into your process.

Along with the need for incorporating 3PL and 4PL, there is also a growing need for consolidation. IT platforms must support the customer. With the addition of good IT services, you can offer a more transparent process—you and your customers can always track where shipments are, even when they are in the hands of a third party servicer. 

If your business is thriving right now, you may not need to make any immediate changes. But these trends are worth considering as you plan for the future. A new world is coming, a world in which 3PL and 4PL will be universally incorporated in freight forwarding.

Recruiting for the Future

What we are seeing is that successful companies are finding candidates who understand the importance of 3PL and 4PL. Many large international freight forwarders have already incorporated 3PL and 4PL into candidate searches—you may need to hire more candidates who are stronger in those areas. If you aren’t already doing this, your freight forwarding company may want to consider including these changes into your recruitment plan because this is where the industry is headed.

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