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Jun 24, 2022 Charlie Kimmel

4 Signs That an Employee Will Never Leave Their Company

A good recruiter is skilled at identifying pain points in a candidate’s employment situation. Here are four signs a recruiter knows that an employee will never leave their company.

Jun 6, 2022 Charlie Kimmel

4 Key "Intangibles" That Improve Employee Retention

Companies with the highest employee retention aren’t just signing paychecks; they’re delivering on the intangibles that make a company a great place to work.

May 23, 2022 Jeremy Carver

3 Reasons Maintaining Integrity During the Hiring Process is a Must

Candidates who maintain integrity during the hiring process will set themselves up to build great relationships and a successful career in the long run.

May 11, 2022 Kristen Ripmaster

How Can Construction Companies Win the War for Talent? It’s All About Flexibility

Employees want more than just remote options. The key to winning the war for talent is by maximizing the employees’ ability to add value through flexibility.

Apr 22, 2022 Todd Chandler

How (And Why) to Build the Perfect Construction Project List

A project list is a necessary supplement to a construction resume because it gives the hiring manager deeper insights into the candidate’s experience.

Apr 4, 2022 Jay Dubac

Is a Job Offer Set in Stone? That's Up for Negotiation

A job offer is no longer the end of the hiring process - instead, it can be just the start of a negotiating phase.

Mar 22, 2022 Kimmel & Associates

Hiring Managers: Be Prepared to “Draw” in Today’s Wild West Job Market

Hiring managers and candidates alike can learn three lessons from the Wild West to help them succeed in today’s job market.

Mar 7, 2022 Kimmel & Associates

Women in Construction Share Their Experiences and Advice

Women in construction share their experiences and advice on why the construction industry is a place where they can thrive and build rewarding careers.

Feb 28, 2022 Kimmel & Associates

3 Reasons a Candidate Might Turn Down a Job Offer

A candidate rejecting a job offer is a huge disappointment for companies. Here are three reasons job offer turndowns occur and ways companies can minimize risk.

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